Fee: from £375 for 3hrs

Spencer is one of the top caricaturists in the north. He is funny before he even starts drawing! With the gift of the gab and fantastic and hilarious drawing skills he is a great choice to entertain the guests at you party. With many years of experience working across the UK, he really knows just how to get everyone rolling around laughing. Hilarious entertainment.

'Spencer was great, he had my guests laughing and talking about the caricatures all night and even now they are raving about it and thought it was a great idea!' 
Michelle Sanders, Private Party, Nottingham

'Spencer was superb! He was very much in demand and a great success'
Andy Green, Wedding

'We cannot recommend Spencer highly enough! He was absolutely fantastic! From the moment he arrived to the moment he left, he produced drawing after drawing after drawing. He was the talk of the wedding – and still is!' 
Amanda Perry, Wedding, Lancashire

In Spencer's words, what do you do?

I go to all kinds of parties and events drawing quick, lifelike and above all funny caricatures, or cartoon portraits, of the guests. The magic of the experience comes from the finished picture and how funny it is, and from people seeing it unfold in front of their eyes in two or three minutes.

Previous clients

  • Lodore Falls Hotel
  • Swinton
  • Manchester
  • AstraZeneca
  • AA
  • British Aerospace
  • Kelloggs
  • Manchester University
  • Toshiba
  • Honda
  • Mercedes
  • Nissan
  • Guiness
  • First Choice Holidays
  • HSBC
  • PC World
  • Manchester United FC's

Technical info

Each drawing should ideally take between 2 to 4 minutes. Sometimes a queue will form which means he can draw quite a large number quickly, or sometimes I will be mingling between tables during a dinner perhaps, which means that there is more time between drawings.

Spencer always make sure that everyone can see what’s happening so they can join in the fun. I use a black ink brushpen on shiny white card, which gives a dramatic effect and helps me to draw more quickly.

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