Classical music

Rob Accordion Player

Genre: Accordian
Fee: from £200

Rob Howard is an accompished and talented accordian player and has played the piano accordion since 1968. He has performed at numerous events, weddings and private parties, around Manchester, across the UK and France. He is also the author of An A to Z of the Accordion,Vintage Accordions and Accordion: A Pictorial History.

Previous work

Weaver Valley Accordion Band, Stockport Accordion Band, with Myody Polonez (Polish dance team), the Baron Wolfgang Bavarian Band, the ceilidh bands Rose Tree, Strings & Things, and Fiddlesticks.

Resident entertainer at the Del Largo Italian Restaurant, Rochdale and has played in several stage musicals, including 'Allo Allo' with Altrincham Garrick (2009) and Romiley Little Theatre (2010)

He has played in several stage musicals, including'Allo Allo' at the Altrincham Garrick

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