Ian the Hypnotist

Fee: from £550

A hilarious belly laugh of a show starring your your family, friends and colleagues. It will have the audience laughing, applauding and volunteering and will be the topic of conversation for many weeks after the event. With a broad background spanning over 17 years, Ian's professionalism and dynamic style make Ian's hypnosis show one of the best and funniest in the UK. 

Ian is a member of the government's only recognised body F.E.S.H, the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists and is one of around eight Stage Hypnotists in the UK with full public liability insurance. 

The hypnotist

The hypnotist doesn't 'pick on' or 'humiliate' anyone.Watch as audience participation takes on a whole new meaning, as Ian invites "volunteers" up on the stage and makes them into the ‘stars of the show’.

‘If we could package and shelve this show, we'd sell millions.’ Sommerfield Store Group

‘We've never laughed so hard and so long. Excellent show.’ Safeway Supermarkets

‘One of the best entertainment's we have ever had.’ British Telecom

‘It was the best Christmas party show we have ever had. Everyone is still talking about how great the show was. Our people were laughing so hard that I saw tears in many of their eyes. Simply, amazing.’ Tongs Engineering



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