Fee: from £410

Max is known as 'a celebrity magician and unusalist'. He’s the leading, most versatile and most broadcast TV magician in the UK. He’s an Honorary associate member of the Inner Magic Circle. It was only a matter of time before Max’s comedic mixture of magic, music and mentalism, coupled with his slightly eccentric character, began to ignite the imagination of TV producers and commissioners. After making his debut on Bravo, his big break came when he landed his own prime time Sky One series.

Max is able to perform the snow illusion where he dips a napkin in water and produces snow up to 8 foot high from his bear hands to the crescendo of the music, a great trick for celebrations or Christmas events. However, a bigger budget will mean that he can arrange to make the snow appear first from his hands followed by making the whole auditorium snow!

Previous clients & venues

Baftas, Brit Awards, Price Water House Cooper, Mediterranean Cruises, Virgin, BT, Barclays, Deutch Bank, Lloyds TSB, Citi Group, Davenport Lyons, British Airways, BBC1, BBC2, CBBC, ITV1, Channel 4, BP, Cadbury, Alton Towers, Mercedes

Previous celebrity clients:

Stephen Fry, Hugh Grant, Kelly Brook, Kirsty Gallagher, Aldo Zilli, Jo Wood, Lord Lindlay, 

Close-up magic

If your budget is modest then Max is able to suit you with his close-up magic. He can tailor make his unique brand of unusualism including his trade mark Watch Smash trick as performed with Stephen Fry on TV alongside mind illusions to capture any audience however smal with an act that ‘packs flat and plays big.’


Max was asked to consult for a new children’s series entitled The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, a cross between Harry Potter and Alan Sugar. After various meetings with the producers to discuss possible 'Sorcerer’s', he found himself accepting the aforementioned starring role, a role that has earned him huge acclaim and a legion of fans.

Corporate events

Max can arrange to make the CEO of your company appear from a crystal pyramid that fills with smoke prior to his address at the end of Max’s show. All of these things are subject to budget and the sky is the limit.

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